Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The UK's Christian heritage- Raines Foundation School

Raines Foundation School

In about 1719 a London brewer Henry Raines established and endowed two schools in the East End of London for the teaching of fifty boys and fifty girls. Children were to be taught the catechism and instructed in the Christian faith. As with many such endeavours this was imperfectly done, with some practices which were not consistent with evangelical Biblical teaching. Nevertheless, the following was thought a worthy charge to give to those who headed the schools: "Come in and learn your duty to God and man". The establishment continues as a voluntary aided Church of England Secondary School for boys and girls in Approach Road, Bethnal Green.

The educational climate in which the school now exists is increasingly hostile to the Christian faith and the curriculum imposed upon it has thoroughly relegated that faith to the margins. The wonderful motto which adorns its entrance seems to be little more than decorative in effect.