Monday, 13 August 2007

George Green School - Our Christian Heritage

George Green School

George Green, a philanthropic shipyard owner in East London was a prominent Congregationalist who contributed to many local causes in Poplar. In 1828 he endowed the George Green's School. Unsurprisingly, in an age where the Bible was seen as the foundation of wisdom, the George Green School had this inscription over its entrance in East India Dock Road:

The fear of the Lord

That is wisdom

and to depart from evil

That is understanding

These words come from Job 28:28 and should stand at the root of all educational endeavour. Down the years they would have been read by countless children and teachers in this prominently placed school on one of the largest and busiest roads in the East End. While they would have been unremarkable in 1828 they seem to have a marginal place in UK education in 2007.